Raise Finance creates powerful business insights with Salestrekker and WebloanQ

Raise Finance creates powerful business insights with Salestrekker and WebloanQ

Moving to Salestrekker and WebloanQ ramped up the leads, marketing and growth of Raise Finance, shaving hundreds of hours from processing time annually.

With a nationwide loan book, Raise Finance has helped finance $750 million with more than 1,000 customers since 2005. Raise Finance embraced the benefits of technology automation early, including making a pre-emptive move to the cloud. This has seen Raise Finance replace the traditional loan processing approach with Salestrekker – a platform capable of transforming and accelerating revenue, growth and profit margin.

Founder and Director Paul Jones achieved this with a 2018 switch of loan aggregators to capitalise on connecting to Salestrekker and transforming future business growth. With a specially designed API from Salestrekker into the aggregator system, Raise Finance launched its client portal – taking its efficiency ‘through the roof’. Clients were now responsible for inputting data at the front end of his website and uploading all of their documents. For Paul, this entirely transformed the working environment.

“With Salestrekker, we shaved anywhere from 2 to around 5 hours from each application straightaway. And for the first time, we built a centralised data platform which is the only way to create any business intelligence. It's not going to help you if it's sitting there in pieces of paper," he outlined.

Salestrekker is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform designed to organise, collaborate, connect and automate the customer journey. From initially organising leads to automated workflows for reminders and documentation, Salestrekker has underpinned a shift in how a broad range of industries automate the sales pipeline and collaborate with customers. Salestrekker is ideal for mortgage brokers looking to track clients and prospects in a highly organised system. It supports customer nurture campaigns leading to more leads and closing more deals.

Transforming productivity gains and profit

In 2019 Paul reviewed how the aggregator was managing information and what automation benefits the firm was gaining. When he realised the information flow between Salestrekker and the loan processing platform still included an element of manual updates, he once again approached Salestrekker to resolve this issue. Raise Finance moved to a new aggregator with a fully automated Salestrekker-based front and back office.

"This allowed us to go 100 per cent paperless and be the digital business I had always dreamed of. No more manila folders on desks, time-wasting, photocopying tasks, and data uploading. Now clients play a crucial role in streamlining our admin. It was exactly what I wanted and what the business needed. It was only possible because of Salestrekker,” he outlined.

With Salestrekker, Raise Finance could now expand its collaboration options to include video meetings with clients taking meetings from home. As COVID hit, Salestrekker efficiently handled being a fully digital platform with video technology capabilities. This could help the business run entirely remotely. It proved so successful that Raise Finance moved away from retail office space, and its team and clients confirmed they were happy to maintain the remote meeting communications from an ease of use and safety perspective.

And for Paul, Salestrekker is part of his aggregator package, meaning there were no extra costs in transforming his operations.

Converting new business

The recently launched WebloanQ solution – from the same tech visionaries behind Salestrekker – acts as a 24/7 digital sales solution for Raise Finance. WebloanQ offers a product comparison suite of calculators and tools helping customers weigh up home loans, asset finance and personal lending products from the broker’s lending panel. It also helps connect completed loan applications with Salestrekker.

"WebloanQ is very good for helping people understand what they can borrow. It removes the initial need to speak to anyone. Behind the scenes, WebloanQ takes this data from our website and integrates it directly into Salestrekker. We can contact them immediately and either move forward with a loan application or put them into our nurture care program in Salestrekker. Another example of how automation helps both parties collaborate and communicate,” Paul continued.

Although in its early days of implementation, WebloanQ is delivering a great ROI and a transparent and consistent pipeline of leads.

“As each query comes through the system, it's tagged against WebloanQ, and it's effortless for us to pull a report outlining our leads and conversion rate. The great thing is that we have converted one of the leads into a deal that has delivered us a 400 per cent return on our annual cost of WebloanQ. That’s great ROI,” he said.

For Paul, the Salestrekker and WebloanQ combination is the ultimate professional solution for his highly automated, high-performance team. "WebloanQ is very good at generating leads, and Salestrekker is very good at managing them. We are increasing our sales pipeline weekly directly related to having an advanced CRM platform and supporting suite of calculators and tools. This keeps business constantly growing throughout the year, leading to ongoing increases in turnover and profit – without the same level of manual administration and hands-on paperwork management. That's a result of our success with Salestrekker and now WebloanQ.


· 100% fully integrated CRM and lead generation platform and tools

· 20% time saving using Salestrekker

· 400 % ROI in WebloanQ investment from one deal

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